My Review: Agnieszka Paletta – Doing Germany

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It took some time, to finish this book completely. With 200 pages, the book wasn’t big at all . It was only my fault, that I read longer on this eBook, than I thougt. I had no discipline… 🙂

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Agnieszka Paletta - Doing Germany

Agnieszka Paletta – Doing Germany

Titel: Doing Germany

Author: Agnieszka Paletta

Genre: Biography, Diary

200 Pages

available as Paperback & eBook.



Agnieszka Paletta did what most of us only dream about doing – she quit her job, family and friends and travelled to live in a foreign country. And what’s more, she did this more than once. Call it reckless or fearless, that is she. This laid-back, entertaining book is the story of this Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy’s move to Germany, a new frontier. Through her eyes, discover the curiosities of her surroundings; love some and gape at others, yearn for home, try to buy one, laugh with her and at her. DOING GERMANY is travel writing at its best: a funny, witty, irresistible portrait of Germany, set against the backdrop of Paletta’s relationship and vigorous loyalties as well as her devotion to Poland, Canada and Italy.

Agnieszka Paletta

When she was 9 years old, her family moved to Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a double-major in English and Criminology. Many jobs followed, both in North America and Europe, with no sequential relevance or career logic. By the age of 32, she had already worked in the fields of publishing, IT and teaching, been an executive assistant and a waitress, anything and everything in order to pursue adventure, travel and a restless spirit.

At present she makes her home in Wörth am Rhein, Germany, with her husband and children.

My Opinion

First off, I was very curios what immigrants think about good old germany. Are we really so serious, stubborn and funny, only when we get drunk?

A few of the common stereotypes also exist in this book, a few made correctly and a few..left standing.

The Book was easy to read,  even for me with collar English-Knowledge.

What bothered me, was the missing communication between the main character und her new country und of course the actual and important story. In this book we follow A. from Munich to Karlsruhe, her shopping events, when she’s eating chocolate all the time and…that was it. The book was not exciting at all.  I often put it a side and read a new one.

At  the End

Interesting reading, but we learn nothing new about germany. It was very dimensionally written.

Thanks a lot to Agnieszka Paletta for the reading copy! merci merci! 🙂

Das Buch bei Amazon Doing Germany

Have a nice day! 🙂

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